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1, We do not separate orders. 

If you wish to collect your orders separately, please book them separately. 

2, All the items must be fully paid for, before collection. 

3, Sadly we cannot behold responsible for the fittings/ sizes of your garments for longer than 4 weeks.  

This is because the human body is in constant change.

Therefore, we suggest picking up your altered clothes within 4 weeks. 

we will happily rectify it should there be any human error Free of charge within 4 weeks.

On the other hand, we are merely here to help measure customers and advise customers should they need it. It is completely up to customers to decide on the sizes etc. We will do as we agree and cannot take any responsibility, apart from that is our error. 

4, We do not store any item longer than 3 months. 

If you have a situation where you cannot collect your items. We can deliver it to you. 

Alternatively, you must inform us to store your items longer than 3 months.

We will dispose of any items not collected within 3 months.

Storage will be charged after 3 months.









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