Jeans have around for over a 100 years and have been in fashion for a long time. 

Jeans were ideally made for cowboys and miners but it is the comfort of all professions today.

With a huge experience of over 20 years we take an artistic approach to modify and perform any kind of Alteration and repairs on jeans garments. 

Wether that be restyling, Patching jeans, resizing jeans, shortening jeans in original finishing and perform any art works on your jeans to make them as comfortable as possible. 

The art is when you modify something and it become the art itself. 

Please see our work for more information. 

Services we provide include:

 Full jeans tailoring services ( Ladies and Gents)

Jackets alterations ( Ladies and Gents)

Suits Repairs ( Ladies and Gents)

Shirts/ Blouses alterations

Jeans alterations

jeans waist in/ out original finsih

Jeans shortening original finsih

Blazers alterations


Coats alterations

Trousers alterations

Waistcoats alterations

Designer Clothing alterations
Denim Dresses alterations

Denim Dressmakers

Children specialists

Any other alterations and repair specialist

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